Budapest Comics Festival

Interview with Pierre Wazem (Switzerland)

2015. május 05. - Bayer Antal

Antal Bayer: Comics were born in Geneva with Rodolphe Toepffer, but for quite some time, the French-Belgian school played the dominant role. You’re a member of that generation of young artists who has drawn attention to the French-language Swiss comics. Is there anything that is specific to…


Interview with Typex (Netherlands)

Antal Bayer: You were last here in November. What’s happened since? Are there any more versions of Rembrandt published? Typex: So far Rembrandt has been translated from the Dutch into English, Spanish and of course Hungarian. As I hear from my publisher, there are plans for Turkish, Greek and…


Interview with Lucie Lomová (Czech Republic)

Antal Bayer: You studied dramaturgy and even worked in this field for a year. Why did you leave this area, and why did you choose to return to the theatre in your comics? Lucie Lomová: It was in August 1989 that I started working in theatre. Actually I wasn’t sure how long I would stay there,…


Interview with Piotr Nowacki (Poland)

After Bartosz Sztybor, it is his regular collaborator's, artist Piotr Nowacki's turn to answer a few questions before the festival. Again, Aneta Kaczmarek helped with the translation. Antal Bayer: Can Polish artists choose to make a career out of comics, by volunteering for a popular series or…


Interview with Bartosz Sztybor (Poland)

A few days before the festival our guest from Poland, comics writer Bartosz Sztybor was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail. Thanks to Aneta Kaczmarek for her assistance. Antal Bayer: Your special edition comic book for the festival is a very pleasant surprise. Are the three stories…