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Interview with Typex (Netherlands)

2015. május 04. - Bayer Antal

typex.jpgAntal Bayer: You were last here in November. What’s happened since? Are there any more versions of Rembrandt published?

Typex: So far Rembrandt has been translated from the Dutch into English, Spanish and of course Hungarian. As I hear from my publisher, there are plans for Turkish, Greek and Korean versions, but I don't know when they will come out. This month the French translation will be published by Casterman which is very exciting for me. France is the comic centre of Europe, I think, and the French edition is the most beautiful yet with a hardcover and a dustjacket, a sketchbook insert and an additional short story of Rembrandt and Saskia I did for a Dutch newspaper. So surprise your French friends with this one.

AB: Do you have to travel a lot when marketing Rembrandt? If yes, do you like it, doesn’t it take away too much of your time from work?

T: I'm really surprised by the amount of invitations I get, I'm not used to that at all! Ten journeys abroad in less then a year… It does take a lot of time from my work. I earn my living mostly as an illustrator, and because I worked so long on Rembrandt, I was as poor as him by the end of the book. But I enjoy traveling so much that I don't grumble, I think it's the most fun part of my work.

AB: You’ve been at the Budapest festival before, four years ago. How does it compare to other festivals in other countries?

T: I remember it as a very homey and unpretentious festival, with a focus on alternative comics. That makes it different to a lot of more commercial festivals. I also distinctly remember how the Dutch team, consisting of my good friends of Lamelos, beat all the other teams in Monster Drawing by eating the opponent's drawing!

AB: When we last talked, you said that you were planning your next book on Andy Warhol. Is there any progress on that?

T: That's going very well. I've written a script and did the thumbnails of the pages, and am now making an elaborate sketch version so I can sell it before I do the final version. I've been to the Angoulême festival to show it to foreign publishers. Although I only had the first 60 pages in sketch the reactions to it where overwhelming and a whole bunch of publishers have already said that they want it for sure. The problem is that it's going to be around 560 pages long, so don't hold your breath because it probably won’t be finished before 2018.

Thank you for inviting me, I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

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