Budapest Comics Festival

International guests of the 10th festival

2014. május 05. - Bayer Antal

This is a short presentation of the international guests of the 10th Budapest International Comics Festival, May 18th 2014.


Boulet (France)

Born in 1975, real name Gilles Roussel. Studied arts in Dijon and Strasbourg. In 1988, was noticed at a comics competition held in Switzerland by Zep (the author of Titeuf) who invited him to his then starting Tchô! comics magazine, where Boulet drew comics for three years. His first own comic book (Raghnarok) was published in 2001. In 2004, he started his comic blog which soon became very popular, with 30,000 daily hits. From 2009, there is also an English-language version of the blog, and the entries are published in a series of books in France under the title Notes. He also drew two episodes of the famous Donjon series. At the festival, he will be doing an interactive free improvisation, and a collection of his blog notes will appear in Hungarian under the title "Jegyzetfüzet".

Boulet's participation at the festival is supported by the French Institute of Budapest.

Hélène Becquelin

Hélène Becquelin (Switzerland)

The Lausannce-based artist finished art school in 1987 and then started working for advertising agencies as a graphic artist. When her children were born, she became a freelancer, and in 2006 started her Angry Mum blog which soon became popular, and two printed volumes also came out. At the festival, we will be talking with her about the inspiration of the blog, and a selection of the two books will be published in Hungarian under the title "Angry Mum felkapja a vizet".

Claudio Chiaverotti

Claudio Chiaverotti (Italy)

The writer born in 1965 first studied dentistry, then law before deciding to make a living out of writing comics. His first professional work was writing stories for Bonvi's Sturmtruppen series. He joined the Bonelli publishing house three years later, in 1989, becoming the most important writer next to creator Tiziano Sclavi of the Dylan Dog series. In 1998, he created his own character, Brendon, whose adventures take place in a postapocalyptic universe. On the occasion of the festival, a special edition of Dylan Dog story written by Chiaverotti will appear.

Bartosz Sztybor

Bartosz Sztybor (Poland)

Born in Warsaw in 1980, divides his career between films and comics. A large number of his comics have appared in verious anthologies, including one in English, in the Zombie Terrors e-comics series' issue 4. He works in a variety of registers, writing both for children and comics experimenting in visual storytelling. Currently, his 2-page stories appear in a history magazine, and he writes two strips for weekly magazines. His comics have won numerous prizes in Poland, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia and the Netherlands. His best know character is Kapitan Mineta, drawn by his regular collaborator, Piotr Nowacki. At the festival, a collection of their common work appears under the title Options, including three stories without words.

Sztybor's blog.

Piotr Nowacki

Piotr Nowacki (Poland)

An artist who is also a qualified engineer, born in 1979 and living in Warsaw for six years. Nowacki creates comics, illustrations and character designs, and acted as editor-in-chief of the Karton comics magazine for two years. his works have been featured in Polish collective exhibitions in Hungary, Lithuania and Israel. His comics have appeared in several issues of the British online magazine, Comical Animal. At the festival, he will take part in several improvisations together with Hungarian and guest artists.

Nowacki's blog.

Nicolas Grivel

Nicolas Grivel (France)

Building on his experience in publishing gained at Pika, a comics branch of the Hachette publishing groupm created his own Nicolas Grivel Agency, helping a number of well-known artists to get publishing deals worldwide, working with partners in the USA, China, Britain, Italy, Austria, Canada and Australia. Teachies classes in comics and publishing at two French and one American university. At the festival, he will be giving a presentation of the current state of the two major Western comics markets, the US and France, concentrating on opportunities for aspiring artists.

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