Budapest Comics Festival

13th Budapest International Comics Festival - May 14th, 2017

2017. április 11. - Bayer Antal

The 13th edition of the Budapest International Comics Festival will be held on May 14th, 2017, in Dürer kert.

This year's international guests come from France, Austria and Romania - we will present them shortly.

The official poster was created by József Haui.


Program of the 12th Budapest International Comics Festival

logo12_net_eng.jpgStage A

11.00 Roundtable on republishing Hungarian comics classics

11.30 Small Press Comics Publishing Series #1 – Finnished Comics. From Photocopiers to Professional Marketing. Development of the comics market in Finland, and how Fingerpori mesmerized the Finns.

VesaKataisto (Arktinen Banaani publishing house, Finland)

12.00 Film director Attila Till talks about comics in his new film, Kills on Wheels

13.00 Award ceremony

                Alfabéta Awards in two categories: best short comic, best long comic published in 2015

                Korcsmáros Pál-award for a remarkable oeuvre – to be given to József Haui (already announced)

13.30 Making Comics before and after an Eisner Award – Interview with RutuModan (Israel)

14.00 How the Hungarian fanzine art scene found the comics scene – Roundtable

14.30 Drawing Dampyr – Interview with Alessio Fortunato (Italy)

15.00 Comic Battle with Hungarian and international artists


Stage B

11.00-12.30 Alfabéta nominees talk about their work (short presentations)

14.00 Small Press Comics Publishing Series #2 –Developing ideas into scripts

Harri Römpörti (journalist, critic; Finnland), Emmi Valve (artist; Finnland)

14.30 Small Press Comics Publishing Series #3 – From festival to festival. International and Hungarian Experience.

Milán Kovács ( publishing house)

15.00-16.00 Trick and treat. Hungarian Comics artists talk about their tricks

15.00 Tools to use – Judit Tondora - 

15.15 Ink on paper – Győző Dudás -

15.30 Using photographic reference – Gergely Oravecz and 

15.45 Character design – Róbert Vass and 

International guests of the 12th festival


Rutu Modan (Israel)

Comics artist and illustrator. Her first comics work involved editing of the Hebew version of Mad magazine, then she founded the Actus Tragicus group with a colleague in 1995. Elected young artist of the year in 1997, and one of her works was the best illustrated children's book that year. Her first graphic novel, Exit Wounds was published in 2007 and translated into several languages. After gaining recognition in Italy and France, it won the Eisner Award in the US. Created short stories for the New York Times and various anthologies. Her next book, The Property was again a huge success and gained her another Eisner in 2014. Rutu Modan's participation at the 12th Budapest International Comics Festival is sponsord by the Israeli Cultural Institute. On this occasion, two special editions of her work will be published as limited editions: Your Number One Fan (2007) and Jamilti (2003) followed by War Rabbit (first published as Haut les mains, peau de lapin in 2009 in a French anthology, with script by Igal Sama).


Alessio Fortunato (Italy)

Comic artist, has been working fpr various Italian publishers since 1995. His best known series from these early years were Lazarus Ledd and John Doe. Also created shorter stories for magazines and then joined Bonelli in 2011, where five of his Dampyr books have appeared so far. Restarting the Hungarian Dampyr series, Frike Comics have chosen two stories drawn by Fortunato. His participation at the festival is sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute.


Kivi Larmola (Finland)

Comics artists, active since the late 1970-s, won the award of the Finnish Comics Society in 1991. Divides his time between drawing comics and making music. The special edition appearing on the occasion of the festival includes short comics with an autbiographicial theme.


Pertti Jarla (Finland)

Comic artist, his first was published in 1991. He first caught attention with his humorous series Fingerpori, published in Helsingin Sanomat. He has shown a very different side of this art with Captain Cherep, a story set at the time of the Russian Civil War (1919-22), which was pubished in Hungarian in 2016 by the Comicsmania publishing house.


Emmi Valve (Finland)

Comics artist and illustrator. Her particularly personal work can be honest to the point of being somewhat frightening. She will be presenting some of them at the festival.


Vesa Kataisto (Finland)

Director of the Arktinen Banaani publishing house, will do a presentation about the current situation of Finnish comics.


Harri Römpötti (Finland)

Journalist and critic, will present at the festival a project in which Emmi Valve also took part.

List of International Guests of the Budapest Comics Festival

Austria: Simon Häussle (2012), Leopold Maurer (2017)

Croatia: Igor Kordej (2010), Darko Macan (2010)

Czech Republic: Lucie Lomová (2015)

Estonia: Joonas Sildre (2011), Elina Sildre (2011), Anni Mäger (2011)

Finland: Kati Kovács (2009), Mari Ahoikovu (2011), Pertti Jarla (2016), Kivi Larmola (2016), Emmi Valve (2016)

France: Boulet (2014), Ptliuc (2015), Jul (2017)

India: Pran Kumar (2010)

Israel: Rutu Modan (2016)

Italy: Claudio Chiaverotti (2014), Fabio Celoni (2015), Alessio Fortunato (2016)

Netherlands: Marcel Ruijters (2008, 2011), Joost Swarte (2011), Jeroen Funke (2011), Boris Peeters (2011), Typex (2011, 2015), Maaike Hartjes (2011), Albo Helm (2011)

Poland: Piotr Kasiński (2012), Tomasz Tomaszewski (2012), Robert Trojanowski (2012), Paweł Timofiejuk (2013), Michał Śledziński (2013), Bartosz Sztybor (2014), Piotr Nowacki (2014)

Romania: Alexandru Ciubotariu (2009), Dodo Niță (2009, 2013), Victor Drujiniu (2017)

Serbia: Aleksandar Zograf (2006, 2007, 2010)

Slovakia: Bakay László (2012), Radovan Šenšel (2012)

Switzerland: Hélène Becquelin (2014), Pierre Wazem (2015)